As part of the nolte Group, we – Express Küchen – produce 100% in Germany, allowing us to offer high levels of safety and reliability when it comes to quality.

For us, “Made in Germany” is more than just a slogan – it is our quality standard.

A total of around 3,000 people are employed under the umbrella of nolte Holding. Based in Melle, we began production for the lower price segment in 2010. Eight front ranges offer surfaces from matte to gloss and a large selection of contemporary décor options, at an attractive price-performance ratio.

As an innovative leader, the nolte Group recognised early that it is only possible to deliver furniture from Germany with enhanced design and top quality.The nolte Group has consistently adapted to these characteristics and has become more and more successful every year – worldwide! A company currently managed by the fourth generation of the same family, the nolte Group makes complex and anti-cyclical investments so that it always has an economical response to the future of the company in the globalised world. The nolte Group constantly provides innovative input on the market and manufactures all its products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, using the latest technologies.