Kitchen design made easy! Our “System 15” allows you to create your dream kitchen simply by yourself – all you need is a piece of squared paper and a pencil. All drawer, pull-out and cupboard heights are based on 15 cm sections. So just simply take a square of 15 × 15 cm and start to plan to your heart’s content. Incidentally this system gives you an extra 5 % storage space compared with conventional kitchens. Pull-outs and drawers therefore offer even more space for all your kitchen utensils. Electric appliances are fitted precisely. Working heights can be adjusted to be ergonomically suited to the individual.

Everything you expect from a high quality kitchen is included from the start with Express Kitchens – comfortable and well thought out down to the last detail. We manufacture exclusively in Germany so that you can enjoy it day in and day out. We firmly believe in “Made in Germany” with all its benefits – you can depend on that.

  • innovative interior organisation
    Colour matched anti-slip mats, cutlery trays and longitudinal / crosswise sectioning, giving an overall harmonious look
  • perfect use of storage space
    Optimal use of space and layout
  • Choice of working heights
    Perfect adjustment according to your requirements, made possible due to 5 different plinth heights