What does a kitchen have to bring with it if it is to fit perfectly into your life today and tomorrow? It is quite simple: the triad of FUTURE, FUN & FASCINATION! Keyword  FUTURE: Every EXPRESS KITCHEN is resource-consciously produced from carefully selected raw materials, technically sophisticated and with great freedom of design, so that you will feel completely at home in your kitchen tomorrow, too. And FUN? There is plenty of it. With 7 front programmes, including two new colours PLAN ash black and WIN dark green, with “Made in Germany” quality, with System 15 planning and many clever details. And you will experience FASCINATION in your EXPRESS KITCHEN every single day, because it leaves space for new ideas and future changes. In short: EXPRESS KITCHENS are FUTURE KITCHENS!

Express Küchen's 2022 Exhibition

Under the motto FUTURE, FUN & FASCINATION, Express Küchen Team presented numerous innovations at its in-house exhibition in September, which represent further targeted refinements in the breadth and depth of the range.

Overview of the new releases for 2023:

  • The choice of fronts has been extended to include the dark green decor in the WIN range and the black ash decor in the PLAN range.
  • A GFS design front with black frame and clear glass complements the white and anthracite versions with satin-finished glass.
  • Adding the light grey carcase decor, consumers can choose from a line-up in conformity with market trends.
  • The range offered is complemented by countless new tall units that open up further planning solutions.
  • The handleless SYSTEMLINE version is now also available with lighting, i.e. the upper finger pull in combination with base units under the worktop is illuminated
  • Vertical lighting is available in the range of wall shelf units – a factory-recessed lighting solution in the top panel of the wall units complements the range
  • Glass recess panelling lacquered on the back is now also available in light grey.
  • The topic of downdraft extractors is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, Express Küchen is adding five further appliances to the appliance line-up offered.
  • Further enhancements to the range underscore the trend towards individual kitchen equipment, for example DALBACH our own brand with exclusive electrical appliances!


Express Küchen's product range for 2023 can be summed up as follows:

Technically perfected and sustainable - along with modifications in product breadth and depth in conformity with market requirements - this is also the Express Küchen motto for the 2023 range in terms of planning kitchens for the discerning consumer.

All new releases on display at the exhibition and a virtual 360° exhibition tour can be found on the website at www.express-kuechen.de.

And here you find the new journal…

The system kitchen.

Modern and passionate — this not only describes our business and way of working, but also our diverse range of kitchens. Our range of products on the following pages will inspire you and their quality will win you over. For Express Küchen, Made in Germany is as important as modern design and straightforward planning — with System 15, a grid with which you yourself can plan your own fitted-kitchen in a few easy steps.

Short video of this year's in-house exhibition:

Video tour of this year's in-house exhibition:


Horizontal handle tracks thus give your kitchen a particularly elegant flair. Vertical handle tracks are also available in the highboard and side cabinet heights. And the special highlight this year: The handle profile under the worktop is also available in an illuminated version!

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Recess panelling
with motif.

Digitally printed – variable width 600 to 2800 mm

Utility room.

Today‘s kitchen is increasingly becoming a place of communication. Add to that the fact that most apartments and houses no longer have a basement, the space available for storing provisions and for doing the laundry is getting smaller and smaller. Our solution is called the utility room. In addition to the classic broom cupboard, there is also the option of fulfilling the different require- ments with intelligent unit types.

Open shelf units in variable colours (FV)

The choices of design options make the kitchen everyone‘s favourite center point in life. Cooking and enjoying are even more fun!

Available in 370 mm depth as open shelf base unit and as open shelf wall unit in heights 300, 600, 750 and 900 mm